Pizzarazzi – a Pizza Photography Contest at Tuscana on Chamiers by Willi

This was a pizza photography contest being held for the second time by Tuscana on Chamiers by Willi and Chennai Food Guide.  Last time they had it was in April 2013.  Since I had been here earlier, I knew about what was going to take place.  I had already registered my name  so just had to confirm with them at the venue.  The contest stated at 4PM and went on till about 5:15 PM.
This time they had separate categories for Mobile Camera and DLSRs, but the timing was the same for both of them, so obviously it meant more number of people.  Getting hold of a pizza was the most difficult part.  Yeah, the Tuscana team made sure that there were enough pizzas for photography, but still you don’t have the luxury of  thinking too much about the styling part because there’s someone waiting.  You have to be fast, at the same time try to manage a decent shot without anyone else in the frame.  There were a few photographers who were in their own world with their pizzas with a look on their face nothing short of a scientist ;).  If you went close to them just to get a shot of  that, rather ‘their’ pizza, the expression on their face was similar to what you would see  if you asked for a share in their ancestral property 🙂 LOL!  With such kids around, it was sort of difficult.  Thanks to the other mature photographers who were more than willing to wait till I finished my click.  Its because of them I managed to get a few decent shots I think.
After the contest, a high tea followed and since I had a prior commitment of meeting a friend of mine, I couldn’t stay on to have the pizzas.  Overall, it was well organized and the participants were well-taken care of by the Tuscana team !  It was good to participate too.

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    Vipin Sachdev
    June 27, 2014 at 3:50 am

    Thanks a lot for participating in the pizzarazzi contest held by us. It is a true satisfaction seeing our food through your photos. Contest like these allow me to get in touch with people with whom I share my passion – love for good food. Congrats on winning the contest and I trust you had a hearty meal at Tuscana. See you soon in our sister restaurants – Kryptos Vegetarian on KNK road which serves global vegetarian fare and Burgundy’s in MRC Nagar which is an all day dine-in restaurant. Keep up your awesome clicks and serve you soon. Have a good day!

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      June 27, 2014 at 7:07 am

      Thanks for the nice words Vipin! Sure to visit again soon!

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