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Hotel Citybox, Oslo

I stayed here for about 15 nights in Nov 2013 with a break of 2 nights in between. So had two bookings – 3 nights and 12 nights. The room was spotlessly clean. Basic stuff was provided. The bed was good and you can be assured of a good night’s sleep. The bathroom was fairly spacious compared to the room itself 😉 Ok, for the prices in Oslo, this is a real good choice. There is uninterrupted wi-fi all through which is very convenient. In fact, that is most important as there is no TV in the room. Very centrally located. Just step out and you are about 2 mins away from Jernbanetorget. That is pretty much the center of Oslo and connections are available by train/bus/tram to almost anywhere. Lot of places to eat out nearby. So overall, it is very convenient.
If  were to meet someone from the management, I would definitely ask them this – 😀

“Why would you not have a washing machine and a dryer? It would do a world of good for long-staying guests. In fact, I had to go out searching for a place to wash and dry my clothes. The Royal Rens Vika was damn expensive. So but for a few shirts that I gave them, I had to find a selv vaskerie/mynt vaskerie in Ullevalsveien. It took me quite sometime to figure all this out. Could have been much easier if you had one in the hotel.”

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