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Tuscana Pizzeria

A lunch at Tuscana was something pending for so long. ย A couple of visits to Kryptos happened, but Tuscana didn’t. ย At last, had another strong reason to push myself to go to Tuscana in addition to their wonderful food. ย I was the winner of 2nd prize in the DSLR category of the pizza photograpy contest and received gift vouchers for INR 3K. ๐Ÿ™‚ So decided to use them. ย We were four adults and two children in all.

We reserved a table for 14:00 and stepped in just about the right time. ย The table was reserved and ready as soon as we came in. ย The ambience was nice and classy. ย Already having been to Tuscana on Chamiers and Kryptos, in a way, knew what to expect. ย I should say the restaurant was packed being a Sunday afternoon.

Coming to food, it was absolutely wonderful ! ย We loved everything we ate except for some very minor personal choices here and there. ย Each dish truly lived up to its name in terms of quality. ย There was nothing you could really complain about.

We ordered Minestrone soup and a chicken clear soup, Bruschetta pomodoro, baked mushrooms and a salad for starters. ย Salad was just plain lettuce with cheese. ย Probably we didn’t get the description rite, we expected some veggies, olives and stuff and not just lettuce ๐Ÿ™‚ . I am no big fan of salads, so the others ate that. ย Baked Mushrooms was delicious with a nice flavor. ย For the main course, we ordered a very spicy veg pizza, the last one on the menu in the veg section and an Americana for non-veg. ย The waiter did warn us that it would be very spicy, and sure it was ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Struggled a bit to finish that, but managed to. ย We also ordered Penne with Mushrooms in white sauce, and a chicken lasagna. ย Loved the lasagna. ย This is probably one place where I have seen lasagna the way I remember it outside India. ย Quite full already, proceeded to the desserts. ย Already had Tiramisu and Panacotta in mind when I entered Tuscana and so ordered that. ย Also ordered something which was a shot of expresso with whipped cream. ย That was good too. ย A black coffee to end it all. ย The desserts were simply awesome!

Overall, all of us relished the lunch and loved the food. ย No complaints whatsoever, but have to mention that good food comes with a hefty price tag. ย Used the gift vouchers for 3K and in addition, had to pay as much. ย So for me, this place is a sure-shot on my list, but for some nice occasion and not just a casual meal now and then.


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