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Cha Republic

Have been hearing about Bubble Tea for quite sometime now. Β Friends in Singapore say it is very common there. Β Similarly it is famous in Malaysia too. Β I wanted to see what exactly was this ‘bubble’ in a tea πŸ™‚

Walked into Cha Republic in Phoenix Market City and I was told that this is the only place in Chennai which sells bubble Tea. Β There was a wide range of choices to choose from. Β Since I really had no clue, I asked for a normal ‘classic’ bubble Tea. Β The lady at the counter suggested Pearl Milk Tea. Β We ordered some other eats too. Β There are some short eats too like Puffs, Rolls etc both with Veg and Chicken stuffing.

I asked the person what this bubble was to which she replied it was tapioca jelly. Β So I think this is a variant of Sago/Sabudana(Hindi)/ Javvarisi(Tamil)/Sabbubiyyam(Telugu). Β In fact, it tasted just like that, but a little bigger in size. Β It looks cool in a glass of tea πŸ™‚ Β At the same time, it is nice, something to chew in the middle of drinking tea. Β πŸ™‚

I liked it and it is just worth a try for its uniqueness, even if not anything extraordinary !

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