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Sri Motel Highway Jains

As not-so-young kids, have a lot of memories of this place. Β A lot of trips to Tirupati and Tiruttani with parents, and this used to be the obvious choice for breakfast, early in the morning.
While travelling to Thiruvannamalai, Myself and a friend stopped here to have lunch.
Since I was driving, I did not want to go for a ‘full meals’ as it is normally difficult to keep your eyes open after one. Β πŸ™‚ Β Wanted to eat something lighter (in comparison to the full meals πŸ˜› ) and asked if Onion Rava Dosa was available. Β The waiter readily nodded. Β After ten minutes, a well-made onion rava dosa arrived. Β It was served with an onion chutney in the plate. Β Not too sure of the ingredients, so lets keep it as ‘orange’ chutney (as in color orange). Β The white chutney and Sambhar were placed separately in bowls.
I put some of the white chutney on the plate, took a first mouth of onion dosa with generous amount of white chutney. Β Immediately realized it was well-past the eatable stage. Β :/ Β Not too happy, took another mouth of dosa with the orange chutney ! Β Damn ! This was also fiercely competing with the white chutney in a race to the waste-bin. Β πŸ™ Β Not at all happy, asked to waiter to get me a new plate so I can get rid of these spoilt chutneys and eat just the dosa. Β Not a sense of remorse, no offer to replace, I had to throw away a fairly big piece of dosa as it was all smeared with the spoilt orange chutney on my plate. Β Hardly full, ordered a parotta. Β Generally this should be good in most places. Β Sure, parotta was soft and nice, the gravy was very bland. Β It lacked salt and was almost close to tasteless. Tired of this food, had to step out, mighty disappointed.
Don’t start a lecture saying tiffin items are to be eaten in the morning, and meals in the afternoon. Β If they say something is available, they better ensure all the accompaniments that come with the ‘something’ are also eatable. Β It’s a shame that a place so fond in my memory should create an impression as bad as this.
I am not keen to go back any soon !

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