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Pizzarazzi – a Pizza Photography Contest at Tuscana on Chamiers by Willi

This was a pizza photography contest being held for the second time by Tuscana on Chamiers by Willi and Chennai Food Guide.  Last time they had it was in April 2013.  Since I had been here earlier, I knew about what was going to take place.  I had already registered my name  so just had to confirm with them at the venue.  The contest stated at 4PM and went on till about 5:15 PM.
This time they had separate categories for Mobile Camera and DLSRs, but the timing was the same for both of them, so obviously it meant more number of people.  Getting hold of a pizza was the most difficult part.  Yeah, the Tuscana team made sure that there were enough pizzas for photography, but still you don’t have the luxury of  thinking too much about the styling part because there’s someone waiting.  You have to be fast, at the same time try to manage a decent shot without anyone else in the frame.  There were a few photographers who were in their own world with their pizzas with a look on their face nothing short of a scientist ;).  If you went close to them just to get a shot of  that, rather ‘their’ pizza, the expression on their face was similar to what you would see  if you asked for a share in their ancestral property 🙂 LOL!  With such kids around, it was sort of difficult.  Thanks to the other mature photographers who were more than willing to wait till I finished my click.  Its because of them I managed to get a few decent shots I think.
After the contest, a high tea followed and since I had a prior commitment of meeting a friend of mine, I couldn’t stay on to have the pizzas.  Overall, it was well organized and the participants were well-taken care of by the Tuscana team !  It was good to participate too.

Tasty Pizza

Visited a place called Tasty Pizza in K.K.Nagar. This is a very recently opened outlet and their other branch in Ramapuram has been there for quite sometime now. Since the owner of the place was a distant friend/acquaintance, I told him I will be clicking pictures while I eat and he readily agreed.
As we entered, the first thing we noticed was that the place was clean, the ambience was pretty ok, an all-red theme, comfortable seating six-seaters on one side and four-seaters on the other side. We had a peep into the kitchen where we saw how the pizza was made. I managed to get a few clicks of how the pizza was made.
Back to our seats, we ordered a few short-eats – french fries and there was masala fries which was better than the normal ones. Cheese balls and potato smileys, and chicken nuggets. All of them were good.
Started with the pizzas – Catchy one was the ‘Fruit’ pizza which had a lot of fruits and it was obviously sweet. Wondered how a sweet pizza would taste, but it was much better than what I expected. Then there was a Pepper Chicken Pizza. This was again very different ‘local’ flavor. It was like eating a very familiar chicken masala, but as a pizza. Loved that flavor. Then there was Barbeque chicken pizza which was a bit too juicy because of too much sauce, but tasted good. The vegetable pizza was a standard one and was ok. All these pizzas had lot of cheese, were soft and juicy and really VFM. Those who are weight watchers, ‘Italian real pizza’ lovers, should excuse. This is just good to compare with the normal pizza outlets and not the exotic ones like wood-fired thin crust pizzas and so on.
We also ordered chicken strips and drumstick chicken and these were very similar to the KFC stuff, BUT…were much better in my opinion. I have eaten a lot of times in KFC and have never been a big fan of their chicken apart from the outside crispy layer. Here the inside of the chicken was well-cooked, juicy and tasted good.
Have heard from friends that their other branch at Ramapuram is a favorite amongst the college students. They have some discounts for students, and good taste and VFM is what attracts them there I guess.
Overall, complete VFM, worth a visit.


A very so-so dining experience at Dimsum. Ambience was good, service was good, but the food was missing the wow factor. Something was wrong here and there –
-Chicken basically had that smell in the dragon chicken and the soup..the smell that you get when frozen chicken is not defrost properly..
-Chicken satay was literally sour..and the peanut sauce watery..a big disappointment..
-Veg noodles was good, a tad salty
-Thai curry and rice was the saving grace and i hogged on it..
-Cassatta was ok…
-Fried icecream was a surprise punch..when my son put it in his mouth, the icecream inside was so watery that it splashed all the way to the other side of the table He enjoyed that
BUT…The restaurant was packed and only one table was free when we were dining, so obviously people probably like the place.

Pizza Trial at Home

An attempt to make pizzas at home and we got it 90% rite 🙂
Pizza base from Nilgiris. Rs 18 for a pack of two.
Maggi Pizza and Pasta sauce.
Vegetables that you see 🙂
Grated Mozarella cheese
Thats it ! The outcome was amazing 🙂
Made it in a LG Microwave cum Grill.

Adayar Ananda Bhavan

A decent South-Indian Thali at Adayar Ananda Bhavan, Madipakkam.  Surprised to hear that they do not serve North-Indian Thali though they have it on the menu.  Guess it is the time constraint.  Since it takes a while to get North-Indian meals to the table, they probably  do not want to lose customers who wait to get a seat.  The restaurant is quite packed in the afternoons and definitely not easy to get the attention of the waiter.  The food tasted good.

Visited October 2013.

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Mast Kalandar

Punjabi Thali – a disappointment !

The Thali had 2 Amritsari Kulchas, Chole, Dal Mahkni, Paneer subzi whatever,gulab jamun, vegetable salad, raita and Lassi included.
The Kulchas were very bland and almost just boiled trace of any masala
Chole was ok, rest were ordinary..i mean missing the hotel kinda flavor..a basic paneer butter masala would have been good anywhere…
Didnt like Raddish in a Vegetable salad especially when it is cut in pieces where you cannot avoid it if you dont like it..thats my choice
Raita was good with some chat masala and grated cucumber I think..
Lassi was sweeeeet and Gulab Jamun was Sweeeeeeeeeter ! I could trace my esophagus all the way to my stomach when I swallowed it
And INR202 (189+taxes) was not very cheap. So I thought it was a very average experience.
btw – I didnt finish my plate..I left a half kulcha because I didnt like it..I can assure you I am a good eater 2 Kulchas would disappear in a jiffy from my plate and I love North-Indian too.

Visited September 2013

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Cupcakes Amore

Wonderful and delicious cupcakes. There was ‘filter’ coffee on the menu. Pleasantly surprised and ordered ! Wow..what we got was not even close to coffee, forget the filter. This part is called the learning 😉 You learn to differentiate between a cupcake and a muffin after you see the bill 😛


A very different experience this time compared to my last visit. It was not a weekend. We were still 8 people and had a enjoyable time.
As I have said earlier, food was very good. See my clicks to believe it 🙂
Good food, service, and a pleasant dining experience !
Definitely recommend.

Visited August 2013

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