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Sri Parthasarathy Temple

IMG_7596IMG_7602IMG_7603IMG_7605Sri Parthasarathy TempleIMG_7607

Sri Parthasarathy Temple, a set on Flickr.

The Chariot festival at Sri Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane. I was a nice experience to click an event like this, partly devotion, partly photography. A very different experience.

The Pasta Bar Veneto

Had been to this place for dinner with family (2 adults and 2 kids, aged 7 and 2).
The place was easy to spot on Burkit road, T-nagar. They said Valet parking was available, but couldnt find anyone to take the keys. So parked it myself. Lucky to find a spot.
As we entered, on the first look, ambience was quite good. We were well-received, found a table immediately and the service was also good. Saturday evening and I expected it to be more crowded, but it wasnt !
The food was overall very good, except G3 (Chicken breast filled with minced chicken..blah blah). It was definitely not hot. The chicken was harder than what I expected. Not very bad taste-wise though. I wouldnt order that again 🙂 Starters and desserts were very good. Other main courses were yummy..D11 and E3…You’ll find these codes on the menu..easier this way than the actual name 😉
It is not very pricey, BUT, the portions are small, definitely not enough for a good eater.
Overall a very decent place and good food. I will definitely visit again and recommend it to friends.

Visited April 2013

Pizzarazzi photography contest

First of all, I would like to congratulate and thank the organizers – ‘Chennai Food Guide’ and ‘Tuscana at Chamiers’ for a wonderful opportunity to photograph pizzas and in addition to that, eat yummy pizzas. 🙂
Having been to Kryptos by Willi a few times, I expected this level of hospitality from Vipin Sachdev and team, and truly they lived upto it. Hats off.
All the arrangements were taken care of very well. Overall it was a nice and enjoyable experience to take part in a contest like this, and my first attempt at food photography 🙂
Date/Venue – April 9 2013 4:00 PM Onwards at Tuscana on Chamiers

Grand Palace Hotel and Spa, Yercaud

relaxThe roomcorridorsantiqueExteriorslong exposure
Awesome poolTrue blueComfy by the poolcolorsrefresh by the poolview of houses from the Hotel
lake viewreflections in the lakeYercaud boat houseafter a bonfireStanding tallColors of Sunset
Valley viewstrangerA panoramic view of Yercaud Lake

a trip to Yercaud, a set on Flickr.

Wonderful trip with family to Yercaud.  Stayed at Grand Palace Hotel and Spa and here’s my review –

Stayed here with family for two nights on 30/03 and 31/03. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.
A very nice property in Yercaud, easily one of the best.
Nice and spacious room.
Clean swimming pool, well-maintained.
Good service, anytime.
Indoor and outdoor games for timepass. Bonfire, etc etc
Nice restaurant with good food.

I did not try the spa and the pub, so cant comment on that.

Some minor suggestions –
Please look at changing the Towels. Most of them are not white anymore. There were 2 neatly folded towels in our room, but they were DAMP, and clearly used/not washed properly. I had to call room service and change it. That is shabby service. The ones replaced were clean, washed, but still failed to impress. You could not confidently use them without smelling it. So please have them changed. This initial impression took two days to change. 🙂
The food was good in the restaurant, but at least twice, a fresh plate and spoon had some food stuck to it (even after it was washed). Had to ask for a new one. Have someone look at the cutlery before it reaches the table.
Early morning is the time when we normally try to play some games. Be prepared with what we might need to play. “No shuttles”, “Store is closed”, “Opens at 09:30” is not what we would like to hear. Try to foresee and have spares ready.

Slowly after day 1 and 2, our impression about the place changed for the better. I would definitely visit again and recommend this place. Hopefully, these issues don’t exist then.

Room Tip: Choose 110 or the ones on the same row in ground floor if you travel with elders/kids. Much easier…
Stayed March 2013, travelled with family

Triplicane Sri Parthasarathy Temple Float Festival

I wanted to click a few snaps of this festival and it was a coincidence that I was at the Marina beach to meet a friend.  So hurried around 6PM to get a glimpse of the diety and managed just a couple of clicks.


view of Temple pond

Temple gopuram

Float festival crowd


ShoreTempleCompleteViewa view of the beach on a Sunday morningShoreTemple7ShoreTemple6ShoreTemple5ShoreTemple4

Mahabalipuram, a set on Flickr.

I was there on a solo trip to click some pictures and that was achieved. Nothing out of the ordinary, just average. It could probably have a very historical background, I am not discounting that fact. I am just saying from a layman’s perspective. Also I should mention that the place was clean.
If you plan to visit Mahabalipuram, lets say the beach, tiger caves, etc etc, this is a must-see. Otherwise just for this, travel from Chennai is not worth it. People with extreme interest in history, sculptures can visit.
Photographers, better early or very late. A lot of schools arrange for excursion to this place and it can be crowded. Getting a shot without children in frame will be impossible 🙂
People on the way from Chennai to Pondicherry or vice versa can drop in for about an hour for a pleasant break.
Overall, just ordinary.

Visited March 2013