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This is Muralidhar Shreedhaaran, an IT Consultant by profession and a blogger by passion.  It all started when I happened to read a couple of food blogs and reviews about various restaurants. Then I decided I’d like to do it too.

Basically, I blog from a customer’s perspective. I am not a cook or a chef, I am not a qualified food critic either, don’t ask me the difference between bechamel and mayonnaise, but I can definitely let people know about my experience at a restaurant. I blog about the place in general, the ease of access and approachability, the ambience, the food taste, my overall experience, and whether it was value for money or not from a normal customer’s point of view. That is precisely the intention of this blog as far as the food/restaurant reviews are concerned. Most of my reviews are accompanied by clicks of food, so a person reading my blog can have a decent expectation set before visiting a place.

Please understand that generally restaurant reviews hold good for 3-6 months because a lot of things can change during this time -The menu, the chef, the management, anything !

In addition to reviewing restaurants in Chennai, I extended it to outstation restaurant reviews too. So next obvious choice was to blog about my experience of hotel stays outside Chennai. Slowly started to include other categories such as attractions, temple visits, events, and other random thoughts I have.

Enjoy your stay here ! You can subscribe to my blog if it interests you, share it on social media if you want to let others know about an interesting post !

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  1. Hi Murali,

    It took sometime for me to get through your stuff here .. but i must admit it was worth it .. atleast for an absolute foodie this place is a must read .. Good Work Murali !!


  2. Lovely Blog. For a foodie who misses Chennai with all my heart and soul, this blog is Chennai food heaven. Thanks for spending your time and effort on a blog like this.

  3. Awesome blogs. Simple and straight-Just the way they are supposed to be! Been a silent follower of your blogs for close to 6 months now 🙂 keep it up 🙂

  4. Hey, I love your blogs and reviews.. Your site is bookmarked on my mobile 🙂 I have one suggestion.. It would be great if you have an index of the restaurants you have reviewed. Navigation would be so much easier!

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