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Bannerghatta National Park and Zoo, Bangalore

It was summer vacation and a trip to Bangalore! The kids need to go out and obviously malls and cinemas get boring after sometime. So wanted to show them something interesting. Planned to visit Bannerghatta National Park. Continue reading

Saturday Night Market, Arpora, Goa

This is a really nice place to visit as an attraction.  If Food, Music and Booze is on your agenda, this place is a must-visit !  if you plan to do some serious shopping, this is NOT the place.  The prices are ridiculously high and you may have to start bargaining from half of what they quote.  There are a variety of shops selling everything under the sun and you might get anything and everything.
We took a taxi from Candolim and retained him for our way back also.  Heard from reviews that the taxi drivers fleece customers, so better off with a vehicle from elsewhere than from the market.  Since it can be really crowded, you may have to wait a while at food counters and to buy booze.  The photo booth is a nice experience.  In general, it is a safe place and a very nice attraction in Goa.

Exhibition Again. Family time.

After a visit to the exhibition with friends, how can I miss taking my family? 🙂  Another trip to the exhibition with family.  Kids loved the rides, the eats and wife liked to stroll around the stalls checking out various stuff on display.

I managed to carry a camera along this time, so I presume the clicks are better than my other post. 🙂 At least that’s how it should be.

Nothing much to add otherwise.  Just another nice evening with family !

Chennai Exhibition 2014

Visiting an exhibition is interesting each year, not because there is anything new, but because it gives you an opportunity to cherish simple things that you saw as a kid which you don’t get to see in posh shopping malls. Continue reading

A wonderful Houseboat experience in Kerala

My friend and I decided to take a short vacation with family and the first thing in mind was backwaters in Kerala.  We had spoken about it earlier, and decided this was the time to do it.  We have a lot of common Mallu friends, checked with them and in fact, one of our friends had a friend in Kerala who owns a houseboat.  So the most important thing was fixed. Then we booked the train tickets through IRCTC and then we also made a reservation in a resort and we were good to go. 🙂

We reached Alleppey station and proceeded to the boat jetty by auto.  There were so many houseboats parked and we were hoping to get into one of them, but it didn’t happen that way 🙂  We had to take another small boat and that took us to ‘our’ houseboat.  It was a first-time experience for both of us, so we were quite eager to get on board.  The houseboat was spacious, clean and well-maintained.  There was a Hall cum dining, 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen.  It was so exciting that we were all looking at the lake, houseboats, scenic views and the beautiful nature.  As time passed, our enthusiasm came to acceptable levels and that’s when we realized that this is what we are going to see for one full day 🙂

Continue reading

Chokhi Dhani

Choki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki Dhani
Choki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki Dhani
Choki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki Dhani
Choki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki DhaniChoki Dhani

Chokhi Dhani, a set on Flickr.

A nice theme, nice food, nice activities, overall a very good outing worth the money you pay. Rs 550 for adults and Rs 350 for children aged between 3 and 9. This includes the food also. You also get free coupons for various activities and that was very good. You didn’t have to spend extra money on them, the coupons were sufficient. Continue reading

A cultural journey – DakshinaChitra

Muttam - open to sky area in the middle of the houseThinnai or the place to sit in front of the houseVaasapadi or the main doorjust another view of the pillarsVeettuvaasal with kolamsmoothly floored Thinnai
a straw hutpathway to the housesa tiled roof houseThulasi plant in the Muttam areainteriorsfor the visitors
Kerala Syrian Christian houseKerala tiled housea complete view of another Kerala housenice symmetryLeaves in the foregroundnot exactly a modular kitchen ;)
village house in KarnatakaEntrance door hardly 4 feet highLady cookingopen to skykitchen utensilsgarden

This is my second visit to this place, mainly to click some photos. I’ve been here earlier with my family. This time it was just me and my camera. Continue reading