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It was Pongal festival and my very close friend visited us with his family and we decided to go out for dinner.  Being a festival day, family was particular about vegetarian food.  It was quite sometime since we visited this restaurant.  So we decided to go to Rajdhani restaurant in Phoenix Market City in Velachery as it was very close to where we stay.  During our previous visits, I somehow missed clicking pictures of food, and that was successfully accomplished today 🙂 Continue reading


This restaurant has been on our wishlist for quite sometime now. In fact, today’s visit was also totally unplanned. We decided to go to Lloyd’s Tea House and actually entered the restaurant. It was packed and just two tables were vacant. The attitude of the waiters was not very welcoming. No greeting, no smile, they offered us a table and I should say the place was very cramped. In fact, there was a person sitting on a sofa next to the table we were offered, and he was hardly a feet or two away from it. I did not find it very appealing to sit in such an environment for about an hour or more. I felt it would probably be ok for a short-eat with friends, but not for a dinner with family. So we decided to go to Dario’s instead. That’s how this visit happened and I am very glad that it did. Continue reading

Hard Rock Cafe

It is not even a week since Hard Rock Cafe opened in Chennai, and already people are raving about it on social networking sites.  So I wanted to check out this place.  It is located in Phoenix Market City in Velachery.  The restaurant/cafe is actually on the second floor, but the Hard Rock Shop is on the first floor.  Overall, the place looked very neatly done.  We were welcomed with a very pleasant smile and the waiter politely introduced himself. Continue reading

Crimson Chakra

After checking a few options of dining out on New Year’s eve, we decided to have a house party and ordered food from Crimson Chakra.  Their delivery service at night is better known as CC@Night.  They deliver until 3AM on some days of the week, and until 5AM on other days.  Being a New Year’s eve, a lot of restaurants had only the Gala Dinner and not the ‘normal’ dinner.  A lot of them refused to deliver food on December 31st citing traffic.  But we were lucky, Crimson Chakra accepted to deliver our order. Continue reading



A recent visit to Sangeetha, Velachery after many months.  We were in a bit of a hurry, didn’t want to spend too much time for lunch, so stepped into the non-AC section on the ground floor. Unfortunately it was full and we decided to go to the AC restaurant upstairs.

We ordered 1 South-Indian Meal and 2 Quick Lunches.  The food came in reasonable time and tasted very good.  Absolutely no complaints, except for the tomato soup.  It was a little sour, and has been consistently like this, and so it is not a complaint for us anymore :).  The kootu and vaththa kozhamu were very tasty.  Overall, good tasty food.  The service was good too.

Visited December 2013

Older reviews?

Continue reading


We were three families for dinner at this restaurant.  I have heard about this place in the food groups and this was on my to-do list for quite sometime.  My wife’s two sisters came over to our place with their family, and we decided to go to an evening show movie at Woodlands followed by dinner.  A few of them were particular about South-Indian and this place immediately came to my mind.  I called up the restaurant to reserve a table.  I told them we would be coming around 21:45 hrs after watching a movie and I was told that reservation wasn’t required. Continue reading


We were a group of friends who had lunch at Junior Kuppanna in Chrompet and headed to the Ibaco outlet near Vetri theater on the GST Road.

The place was small, with limited seating.  The ice creams were tasty with a decent variety and normal prices.  We selected a different one for each of us and all of them were good.

I like this place because you get good ice cream for a reasonable price.

Junior Kuppanna

Absolutely tasty food at Junior Kuppanna, Chrompet.  I have heard about this place from a few friends, so decided to try this for a Sunday Lunch.  Since we knew roughly where it was located, it was easy to spot the hotel.  It is located in the same building as the Arasan Inn Hotel, just below the Pallavaram Flyover, accessible through the service lane.  We were seven friends, classmates at school,  and we were meeting some of them after about twenty years. Continue reading

Yummy food in unconventional places

Who would think that Chicken Burji, Chinthamani Chicken, Kuzhi Paniyaaram would taste Yumm in a AC Bar in TASMAC? 😀

These are the signature dishes available here, tasty and good.  I know a few people who go here more for this than the liquor itself 😛  So in case you happen to visit this place, make sure you taste this.  This is by no means encouraging you to drink 😉

The place is located on the 100 feet bypass road, next to Mega Mart and Rex Fashions.  The AC Bar is on the First floor.

Will check out unconventional places where you get yumm food and update 🙂

Goli Vada Pav

During my many visits to Shirdi, both via Mumbai and Pune, a few things we would never miss during the journey was eating Bhel, and Vada Pav followed by a cup of Chai. So just trying to find a nice place in Chennai which serves a Vada Pav as good as that.

Heard from a few fellow-foodies about this place, been on my to-do list for a while, visited Goli vada pav in Velachery. It was just OK, nothing really outstanding. The frozen patties and all that packing gives more a feel of a burger at Mc Donalds, than a typical street food. Taste-wise, it was not bad. The Sabudana vada was just so so.  Overall, not very impressive.  A couple of other places on my list and hopefully can get a vada pav close to the authentic one.  Will let you know 🙂