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This can be just anything !

Go Green or Go Green again?


pic courtesy: Internet

Well, this thought is inspired by a post on Facebook. I began to think on those lines and it took me back to Late Eighties and early Nineties. Remembered how simple we lived our life and how Green it was!!! Continue reading

Paper-less Office, a distant dream!

Recently visited a Government Office. I wouldn’t like to reveal where, as I obviously clicked without their knowledge. The sight of papers piled up shocked me, to say the least. Ranging from dark-brown, to light-brown, to off-white to pure-white, these colors show how old the papers are. Today, you enter a government office. There are umpteen forms to fill, photocopies for everything, application forms, everything in paper !!! Continue reading

Campion Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School, Trichy

the quadrangle

Twenty years after passing out of Campion, I visited my school and the feeling was truly memorable.  So nostalgic, the classrooms, playgound, everything reminded me of my days at school. Continue reading