Get-Together at Arjun’s place, Bad Homburg, Germany

Travelled from Oslo to Frankfurt for a weekend, to meet my very close friends and ex-colleagues.  An amazing time with all of them.  They also made some yummy food which I am posting here just for the record. 🙂  Masala Egg Omlette, Chicken Chukka, Egg Masala Gravy and Chicken Gravy and Parottas !

Lots of food, lots of booze, it was PARTY Indeed !!! 😉

Hotel Arkadia, Friedrichsdorf, Germany

I must have stayed here at least about 5-6 times from 2003 to 2007, some of my stays were for a month or more. My recent visit here was on 16/11/2013 and myself and my friend traveled to Bad Homburg just for a day to meet some friends and just re-live memories of this place.
Hotel Arkadia was the obvious choice. We booked a maisonette and the room was very good. Earlier I had always stayed in a Single bed room. The hotel is comfortable and very good. Am Houiler Platz has a few shops nearby, there are two Chinese restaurants close by, Kim Kim and Me King. S – Bahn station is about 5 minutes by walk and very convenient to get to the city.
Overall it is a very nice place to stay. Internet can be a problem. You have to purchase it and for those who just want to update facebook status on your mobile, it doesnt make sense to spend 15EUR for that. You are better off with your mobile data connection.
Otherwise it is a very nice place to stay. I would definitely recommend this place.

Saravanaa Bhavan, Frankfurt

A recent visit to Frankfurt and dining at this restaurant was one of the main points in the agenda 🙂  I was there with another friend and food enthusiast from Dusseldorf, a Chennaiite though.  This place is located quite opposite to the Main station (Frankfurt am Main, hauptbahnhof) in Kaiser strasse.

The ambience and interiors are decently done and quite good.  The food was quite good, though may not be at par with the same restaurant in Chennai, but definitely not far away.  It was a pleasant surprise that they served beer 😀  Yeah, you read it rite !!!  How cool is it to have idly and dosa with beer 😉

The coffee was disappointing and not even remotely close to the authentic filter coffee.  But overall, definitely worth a try.  In a place where Indian food is only related with Punjabi food, establishing a restaurant with serves South-Indian cuisine is really awesome !

I still did not understand the logic behind the extra ‘A’ in the name.  Saravana or Saravanaa !  Even the website is a bit inconsistent in showing this.  Since it didn’t matter much to me, I just ignored it.

Cafe Sara, Oslo

I was here to meet a friend and an ex-colleague. Just catching up with old times. This place was nice and warm. It can get crowded a bit, but good if you manage to get a seat early. The outdoor seating is great during Summers, but in November, doesn’t help much even with the warmers 🙂 I was very impressed with their collection of beers. In fact, haven’t heard of some names at all 😛 So tried some stouts, IPAs, in addition to the stor Ringnes 0,6 🙂
Really a good place !

Marinos Pizza og Grill, Oslo

This is one of the very good places for pizza/kebab, either to eat or take-away.  The place has basic seating arrangement, not too fancy stuff.  Have tried kebabs and pizza here at least about 4-5 times during this visit to Oslo.  I have eaten here during my previous visit to Oslo last year too.  Not once I have had any complaint regarding the food.  It is just yummy and so consistent.

For a quick bite and just simple stuff kinda meal, this is a must-try.  It is open till very late in the night and is bang in the center of Oslo on Torgata.

Punjab Tandoori, Oslo

Not just for dinner, but a good place to drop in for a beer with some snacks too.  There are about few brands of Indian beer available here.  I must have visited this place at least four or five times during my stay of two weeks in Oslo.

Visited November 2013.

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Dinner at Kamal’s place, Oslo

During my recent visit to Oslo, visited my friend and colleague’s house for dinner.  Not that I haven’t been there many times, but I chose to document it this because of the passion Kamal has for cooking.  He made an awesome Thai Red Curry and it was wonderful !  I was impressed with the presentation, that I decided to click it.  Of course I have eaten at his place many more times than just this one, but this is just for the record 🙂

Palmyra Cafe, Oslo

A recent visit to Oslo, and Palmyra Café is a sure shot !  This is the only place in and around Oslo that tells the people that Indian food is not just Punjabi food.   They serve Idly, Dosa, Idiyappam, and chicken koththu parotta too. That’s my favourite here and that’s the reason I visit this place too.  The food is not bad, at the same time, do not expect it to be like the restaurants in Chennai.  You are far away from home and after a while, anything close to our food feels tasty.  The normal Indian Chai/Tea is good.  A few more days left in Oslo, and probably another visit pending too.

Visited November 2013.


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Port Lounge, Anna International Airport, Chennai

Port Lounge in Chennai International Airport was definitely welcoming in terms of the comfort it offers.  I was not there for food, so didn’t taste all the items.  Pakora was great with beer :).  Chilly Chicken was good too.  Considering that there aren’t many lounges that allow access for a payment of a fee, this was a good option.  I would be more than happy to make use of this facility during my trips abroad.

Mainland China

This review is for the restaurant in Phoenix Market City.  Visited Mainland China for Dinner on Diwali with family and friends.  We were six of us, four adults and two children.  We have been to this place a few times and have always loved the food here.  As always, this time was no different, but for a few small disappointments.

We ordered for the Siu Mai, both chicken and Veg and it was served without the usual accompaniment of sauces – mustard, and the other black colored one.  Really missed that and these dimsums were incomplete without those sauces.  Couldn’t enjoy it as much as we always did.  When we asked for it, we were told that the restaurant opened just today after being closed for about 20 days for some maintenance.  Hope this will not be the case in the future.

Rest of the food was yummy, not a slightest complaint here.

While we were eating, as it was nearing closing time, they switched off the AC and it turned out to be suffocating.  On request, it was turned on again.  This was not in good taste.  They could have waited a little as we were almost done.  There were a few others who were still having their meal.

When we wanted to order some desserts, they had only icecream and something else which I cannot remember.  So not all the items in the menu were available because of the same reason.

Overall, these could be just some minor coordination issues which will probably be fine as they settle down into a routine.  Food was awesome and this place remains one of the very nice restaurants in Velachery.

Visited November 2013.


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