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Bistro 100

I’ve been seeing this place for quite sometime now as its just a stone’s throw away from my place. Recently there has been a lot of interest among foodies on Facebook groups about this place, and I decided to check it out ! True to its name, Bistro 100 is more than just a cafe, the menu was elaborate and had a wide range of varieties to choose from. Continue reading

The Brick House Bistro

Dining out with family after quite a while. There are quite a few places that have opened up in the recent past and my “to-do” list of restaurants only got longer and longer. Brick House Bistro in Anna Nagar has been making news for all the right reasons and I so badly wanted to check out this place. Wife and kids love burgers, sausages and chicken wings and that’s it, plan was finalized! Continue reading

Jonah’s Bistro

With new restaurants cropping up each day in almost every part of the city, I have been trying to write down the names of restaurants that I should visit at the first available opportunity. Considering the reviews and recommendations on a couple of food groups on Facebook, Jonah’s Bistro was in fact on the top of my list. After a hectic day at work, it was Friday evening and almost weekend, and a sudden decision to eat out and family was ready too. Jonah’s Bistro was obviously the first choice. Continue reading