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Blacksmith Grills

A wonderful evening with great food and great company! One of my friends wanted to host a dinner party to a bunch of our friends and we were sort of going back and forth on where to go. Being a food blogger, restaurant/food reviewer or whatever they thought I was, I was asked to suggest a nice place. Nice ambience with good food was needed, and budget was not a big constraint. At the same time did not want to splurge in five-star hotels. Back of my mind, wanted to go to a place where I’ve not been before so I could write something about it  😉 Continue reading


A very nice place which opened recently on Velachery Main Road, diagonally opposite to Phoenix Market City. I drive through this road a couple of times everyday and I spotted this board recently and since then it has been in the back of my mind to visit this place. I haven’t been lucky so far with my visit to Kailash Kitchen and never had an opportunity to taste their momos. The moment I saw a place so close to my home, serving momos and Tibetan cuisine, I was more than eager to try. Continue reading

Sangeetha Veg Restaurant in OMR

Tasty chaat in Sangeetha on OMR!
Myself and a friend had some work in Thuraipakkam and on the way back decided to have some light snacks. Continue reading

Ox & Tomato

Ox & Tomato – A very catchy name, hard to miss when you drive on St. Mary’s Road. I must have crossed this place so many times, but somehow have never entered this place, probably because it looks small, or whatever. Continue reading

Prems Graama Bhojanam

Prems Graama Bhojanam, a name that needs no introduction among the foodies in Chennai. The food they serve is simple, healthy and different. This makes them very unique with their offering. Continue reading

Dakshina Puram

After successfully abstaining from eating restaurant food for two FULL weeks, today there was a genuine reason to do so – Wife and kids away for the weekend and I had no choice but to eat out  😉
At least it sounds very reasonable rite?  😛
Or lets just consider this a cheat day 😀 Continue reading

Rahman Biryani

That moment when resolutions go for a toss – An ex-colleague called up after a long time and invited me over for Biryani and beer.  Biryani first at some restaurant and beer later at his home.  Been a while since we caught up, so immediately said yes. Rahman Biryani on #9 Govindan Street, West Mambalam was where we decided to have Biryani. The address says West Mambalam, but this is near Srinivasa Theatre, not the typical West Mambalam that is on one side of the Mambalam Station. Continue reading


Okay, a business lunch I couldn’t avoid. 😉
Since we had to meet a few people in Nungambakkam, decided to try Maplai. I’ve been here before and it wasn’t a wow experience then, so wanted to try after about 5 months. Continue reading

Kapila Dasa

Kapila Dasa, a place that has been on my list for quite sometime now, and somehow I never managed to visit it until today. We had relatives come over and I wanted to take them out for dinner. Today being a prominent Hindu festival, we wanted to keep the meal strictly vegetarian. Ruled out Italian/Continental options like Dario’s and Little Italy as they preferred South-Indian or North-Indian. I didn’t want it to be too simple and at the same time, not the Star-hotel types. Narrowed down to Krishnavillasam and Kapila Dasa. The former, we have already visited and the latter, we haven’t! That was it, decided to go there ! Continue reading


An outing with family followed by dinner, after quite some time! We decided to watch a movie at Luxe and wanted to try Habanero today. It is one of the relatively new restaurants that opened in Phoenix Market City, Velachery and serves Tex-Mex cuisine. We weren’t very hungry after the popcorn and coke in the cinema theatre, but still decided to give it a shot! Continue reading