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Plum cake from Baked Delightss

For a long time, plum cakes used to remind me of a dry brittle cake which wouldn’t even be easy to swallow.  Of course it was not from the best of the outlets, but then, never had a specific interest in it.   More like eating it by chance during the Christmas season.   Two years back, after hearing from a few foodies, I tasted the plum cake from Baked Delightss and this was awesome!!  I’ve never had such wonderfully moist flavorsome plum cake before.  Since then I’ve become a regular and order from Baked Delightss every year! Continue reading

Cake Mixing Event at The French Loaf Commissary, Guindy

Festive season is round the corner and during this time, Christmas cakes adorn the shelves in most bakeries in the city. Continue reading