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We were a group of friends who had lunch at Junior Kuppanna in Chrompet and headed to the Ibaco outlet near Vetri theater on the GST Road.

The place was small, with limited seating.  The ice creams were tasty with a decent variety and normal prices.  We selected a different one for each of us and all of them were good.

I like this place because you get good ice cream for a reasonable price.

Junior Kuppanna

Absolutely tasty food at Junior Kuppanna, Chrompet.  I have heard about this place from a few friends, so decided to try this for a Sunday Lunch.  Since we knew roughly where it was located, it was easy to spot the hotel.  It is located in the same building as the Arasan Inn Hotel, just below the Pallavaram Flyover, accessible through the service lane.  We were seven friends, classmates at school,  and we were meeting some of them after about twenty years. Continue reading