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Exhibition Again. Family time.

After a visit to the exhibition with friends, how can I miss taking my family? 🙂  Another trip to the exhibition with family.  Kids loved the rides, the eats and wife liked to stroll around the stalls checking out various stuff on display.

I managed to carry a camera along this time, so I presume the clicks are better than my other post. 🙂 At least that’s how it should be.

Nothing much to add otherwise.  Just another nice evening with family !

Chennai Exhibition 2014

Visiting an exhibition is interesting each year, not because there is anything new, but because it gives you an opportunity to cherish simple things that you saw as a kid which you don’t get to see in posh shopping malls. Continue reading

Suttrulaa porutkaatchi

Giant Wheel - a must when you visit the exhibitionThe Big picture"love"ly KeychainPanju MittaaiAnother Giant Wheel !Just another ride
a view from the topAfter a ride, dizzy :)Rajasthani PicklesMasala pori and kadalae

Suttrulaa porutkaatchi, a set on Flickr.

Exhibition at Island Grounds ! Have lot of memories visiting this place as kids..the appalam, molaga bajji and giant wheel and a must-try when you visit this place. Small pleasures, still so very same 🙂