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Anise – Taj Coromandel

Haven’t been here too many times and invariably visit this place when we run out of options in the city for a drink, after midnight. Same was the case this time and myself and a friend stepped in for a couple of beers. Decided to stick on to the usual place Anise. Started with a couple of beers. After an hour or so, began to feel hungry and we wanted to eat something. Continue reading

Fusilli Reasons

I haven’t been eating out so much lately, and so have not been very actively blogging either ! Today myself and a friend had to meet someone in Kilpauk at 7PM and even before we started, I knew that eating out was inevitable, the timing was such. The first name that came to my mind was Fusilli Reasons because I’ve read really good things about the place in various food groups. Just to be doubly sure that I didn’t mix-up the name, checked the listing on Zomato and wow..4.5!!! That definitely pushed me to visit this place! Continue reading

Foodie Experiments in Oslo Again

I am not going to elaborate on each dish I ate while I was in Oslo, but pretty much quickly will summarize what I tried!  Compared to my earlier experience in Oslo during my last trip, this wasn’t as elaborate ! Continue reading

Tovo Infusions

This place has been on my to-do list soon after they opened, because I was quite excited to see how chicken would taste which was cooked with infusion of sauces and with no extra oil. It sounded different and I was excited, but somehow a visit to this place never happened. This visit was not planned either, it was a mere accident. Continue reading

The Pizzaaz

The Pizzaaz, which used to be a delivery and take-away place for thin-crust wood-fired pizzas recently opened a dine-in restaurant in the same place. It is located off R.K. Salai, on a street adjacent to AVM Rajeswari Kalyana Mandapam. The board is quite prominent and easy to spot. Continue reading


Three of us, classmates in school. One of them had come down from the US for a vacation. Took a stroll on the Bessie beach and then proceeded to Munveedu (actually mud-house, with the moonu suzhi ‘Na’, more like Mannveedu) for dinner. This was suggested by another friend for a more Indian-ish, Village-ish experience for my US friend 😉 Continue reading

Papa John’s Pizza

A rainy day, cold weather (ahem!! okay, at least by Chennai standards) and kids were kinda bored at home. Continue reading