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Goa Photography

Here are some of my clicks from my recent trip to Goa.  Hope you like them.  To view a better resolution, click on it to view it in Flickr.
Sorry for a pathetic layout and size.  Normally I post to WordPress directly from the Flickr Set.  Since Flickr discontinued the WordPress Share option, after a lot of googling, this is pretty much the only way I managed to find, to display a slideshow that works.  However, I have no control on its size.  I know there are enough plugins around, but it’s gonna take a bit of time to get it done.  In case you know a better alternative, I am all ears !  Cheers !!

St. Anthony’s, Baga, Goa

We had lunch at this place and it was absolutely unplanned.  We ventured out on a rented two-wheeler with two kids and the heat became increasingly difficult to bear.  Juices, water, nothing helped and we barged into the nearest shack and that was St. Anthony’s.  The place looked nice, very busy and welcoming.  Settled under a fan and our plan to have some mocktails changed and we decided to have our lunch here instead.  The starters were good.  Paneer tikka and chicken tikka were good, a little spicy though.  We got some curds for my daughter and she felt better eating the starters with curds.  The mocktails were good.  Noodles and fried rice was good too.  We were there for about an hour, and that really helped us cool off from the heat.  This is a nice place for good food right on the Baga beach.

The Curry House, Candolim, Goa

We were there at The Curry House for lunch.  We stayed close to this restaurant in Candolim and it was just about five minutes on a rented two wheeler.  There were not too many people here, probably just two other tables were occupied.  The starters, main course was all tasty.  The grilled prawns was a bit of a disappointment, not quite the way we expected it to be, rest were all fine ! The place had a free Wi-Fi and that was good.  The service was good, but a little delayed.  A decent place for good food.

Fisherman’s Cove, Candolim, Goa

We were there at Fisherman’s Cove for dinner.  We wanted to try some Goan cuisine and we were recommended Chicken Cafreal and Xacuti with rice.  There was a starter which was mushrooms coated with sooji and roasted and I was told this is also typical goan dish.  Almost all of them were good.   The fried rice was tasty, it is this goan rice that makes it tasty I guess.  Most places, this rice is used instead of basmati.  Prawn starters and chicken lollipop were good.  Tried cashew feni and some mocktails.  Overall, nice service and a good dinner.

Calamari Bathe & Binge, Candolim, Goa

Our first meal at Goa was at Calamari Shack.  We were there for dinner and we have heard good things about the place.  As we entered, the place was pretty busy and the live music was awesome !  We were seated immediately and the menu was extensive.  We ordered pretty much basic stuff and the only new thing was the goan Pav as in vada pav, but a little harder and that was good.  Food was good and the prices were not very expensive.  The ambience was wonderful.  Right on the beach, this is much more than a shack and can be rightly called a restaurant.  Easily one of the best eat-outs in Candolim.

Saturday Night Market, Arpora, Goa

This is a really nice place to visit as an attraction.  If Food, Music and Booze is on your agenda, this place is a must-visit !  if you plan to do some serious shopping, this is NOT the place.  The prices are ridiculously high and you may have to start bargaining from half of what they quote.  There are a variety of shops selling everything under the sun and you might get anything and everything.
We took a taxi from Candolim and retained him for our way back also.  Heard from reviews that the taxi drivers fleece customers, so better off with a vehicle from elsewhere than from the market.  Since it can be really crowded, you may have to wait a while at food counters and to buy booze.  The photo booth is a nice experience.  In general, it is a safe place and a very nice attraction in Goa.

Santana Beach Resort, Goa

Wonderful Stay !
We were a family of 2 adults and 2 children, aged 8 and 3. We had a wonderful vacation in Goa and stayed in Santana for 4 nights. It was a pleasant experience overall.  I would definitely come back again and stay here. Continue reading