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H2H – Health to Happiness – Millet Meals from A2B

A lunch-meeting with a couple of foodie friends.  After seeing a recent post of the Millet meals from A2B in a food group,  we decided to check it out. Continue reading

Prems Graama Bhojanam

I wouldn’t like to call this a review, its just my humble attempt to let people know what they are missing, in case they haven’t visited Prems Graama Bhojanam yet! First of all, I have visited this place quite a few times and I’m no stranger to the yummy food that this place serves. This visit was specifically to bring my family along. This has been on my list for quite sometime and today we managed to tick it off! Continue reading

A Salad Company

Thanks to another foodie in a Facebook Food Group, I was sort of tempted to try ‘A Salad Company’ after looking at that post, and I’m happy I did! Continue reading

Prems Graama Bhojanam

Prems Graama Bhojanam, a name that needs no introduction among the foodies in Chennai. The food they serve is simple, healthy and different. This makes them very unique with their offering. Continue reading

Food Karma

To be frank, it has been quite a while since I woke up this early in the morning ! I joined a photo walk and had to be present by 05:30AM at the Besant Nagar beach. Continue reading