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Freez Zone

Freez Zone on TTK Road has been a landmark for many years now.  I like the ice creams here.  Quite nominally priced compared to the exorbitantly priced recently opened International chains.  I am not a very choosy icecream-crazy fan.  So anything from Haagen Dasz to Arun Ice cream works for me 😀 Continue reading

Cream and Fudge

Yummilicious ice cream !  A little pricey, but was tasty.  Frankly, beyond a certain level, it is difficult to compare ice creams.  Amul, London Diary, Arun, Kwality Walls, ibaco – all of them taste good  and this tasted good too ! That’s it !!


We were a group of friends who had lunch at Junior Kuppanna in Chrompet and headed to the Ibaco outlet near Vetri theater on the GST Road.

The place was small, with limited seating.  The ice creams were tasty with a decent variety and normal prices.  We selected a different one for each of us and all of them were good.

I like this place because you get good ice cream for a reasonable price.