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Swensen’s, Besant Nagar

Decided to go for an Ice cream outing with family. Since it was already round 9:30PM, we were in two minds if we should just stick on to a parlour in Velachery, or drive down a bit further to Besant Nagar. Swensen’s was what I had in mind. Decided to go there, thanks to the rarely free roads, reached in about 25-30 minutes. Continue reading

Cream and Fudge

Yummilicious ice cream !  A little pricey, but was tasty.  Frankly, beyond a certain level, it is difficult to compare ice creams.  Amul, London Diary, Arun, Kwality Walls, ibaco – all of them taste good  and this tasted good too ! That’s it !!


Heard a few times from my wife that this is frozen yogurt and not ice cream !!!  Well, I wanted to try, but did not get an opportunity to do it earlier.  We went to this place and asked for two flavors, unfortunately they were not available – Pomegranate and Chocolate were not available.  All that they had was Mango, Green Apple and Salted Caramel. Continue reading