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This is one of the recently opened restaurants in Velachery and we stay pretty close to this place. In fact, it is one of the places that is hard to miss on the Velachery Bypass Road.

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Spaghetti Kitchen

An absolutely wonderful experience at Spaghetti Kitchen, Phoenix Market City, Velachery. Continue reading


This restaurant has been on our wishlist for quite sometime now. In fact, today’s visit was also totally unplanned. We decided to go to Lloyd’s Tea House and actually entered the restaurant. It was packed and just two tables were vacant. The attitude of the waiters was not very welcoming. No greeting, no smile, they offered us a table and I should say the place was very cramped. In fact, there was a person sitting on a sofa next to the table we were offered, and he was hardly a feet or two away from it. I did not find it very appealing to sit in such an environment for about an hour or more. I felt it would probably be ok for a short-eat with friends, but not for a dinner with family. So we decided to go to Dario’s instead. That’s how this visit happened and I am very glad that it did. Continue reading

Tuscana Pizzeria

A lunch at Tuscana was something pending for so long. ¬†A couple of visits to Kryptos happened, but Tuscana didn’t. ¬†At last, had another strong reason to push myself to go to Tuscana in addition to their wonderful food. ¬†I was the winner of 2nd prize in the DSLR category of the pizza photograpy contest and received gift vouchers for INR 3K. ūüôā So decided to use them. ¬†We were four adults and two children in all.

We reserved a table for 14:00 and stepped in just about the right time.  The table was reserved and ready as soon as we came in.  The ambience was nice and classy.  Already having been to Tuscana on Chamiers and Kryptos, in a way, knew what to expect.  I should say the restaurant was packed being a Sunday afternoon.

Coming to food, it was absolutely wonderful !  We loved everything we ate except for some very minor personal choices here and there.  Each dish truly lived up to its name in terms of quality.  There was nothing you could really complain about.

We ordered Minestrone soup and a chicken clear soup, Bruschetta pomodoro, baked mushrooms and a salad for starters. ¬†Salad was just plain lettuce with cheese. ¬†Probably we didn’t get the description rite, we expected some veggies, olives and stuff and not just lettuce ūüôā . I am no big fan of salads, so the others ate that. ¬†Baked Mushrooms was delicious with a nice flavor. ¬†For the main course, we ordered a very spicy veg pizza, the last one on the menu in the veg section and an Americana for non-veg. ¬†The waiter did warn us that it would be very spicy, and sure it was ūüôā ¬†Struggled a bit to finish that, but managed to. ¬†We also ordered Penne with Mushrooms in white sauce, and a chicken lasagna. ¬†Loved the lasagna. ¬†This is probably one place where I have seen lasagna the way I remember it outside India. ¬†Quite full already, proceeded to the desserts. ¬†Already had Tiramisu and Panacotta in mind when I entered Tuscana and so ordered that. ¬†Also ordered something which was a shot of expresso with whipped cream. ¬†That was good too. ¬†A black coffee to end it all. ¬†The desserts were simply awesome!

Overall, all of us relished the lunch and loved the food.  No complaints whatsoever, but have to mention that good food comes with a hefty price tag.  Used the gift vouchers for 3K and in addition, had to pay as much.  So for me, this place is a sure-shot on my list, but for some nice occasion and not just a casual meal now and then.