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Mainland China, Teynampet

Mainland China, has always been one of our favorite places to eat Chinese. Normally we visit the restaurant in Phoenix Market City as that’s the closest to us, but this time, since we wanted to try the dinner buffet, decided to go to their restaurant in Cenotaph Road. Continue reading

Mainland China, Phoenix Market City

It was my son’s Birthday dinner and we gave him the option of choosing what to have for dinner and he chose Chinese. Basically he wanted dumplings, noodles and stuff. The nearest option was Mainland China in Phoenix Market City. We have been here a few times and had a pretty decent experience, always. Decided to stick to this place. However, I spotted the Thuraipakkam outlet on Zomato serving dinner buffet, and was quite excited! We headed all the way from Velachery to Thuraipakkam only to be told its closed ! Damn it, even Zomato screws up sometimes! Made a U-turn and headed all the way back to Phoenix Market City. We lost a good 40 minutes doing this, and of course the to-and-fro toll charges that we paid for nothing ! Continue reading

Mainland China

Mainland China is one of our favorite places to eat out, there’s no doubt about that. Already been to their restaurants in Cenatoph Road and Phoenix Market City a few times, but this visit was totally unplanned. Continue reading

Mainland China, Phoenix Market City

It has been quite a while since I blogged about eating out and it was because I was not in station and had a few busy weeks. Now that I am back in Chennai, wanted to get back to my blogging ways. This is just the first step in that direction. Hopefully, more to come ! Continue reading

Mainland China

This review is for the restaurant in Phoenix Market City.  Visited Mainland China for Dinner on Diwali with family and friends.  We were six of us, four adults and two children.  We have been to this place a few times and have always loved the food here.  As always, this time was no different, but for a few small disappointments.

We ordered for the Siu Mai, both chicken and Veg and it was served without the usual accompaniment of sauces – mustard, and the other black colored one.  Really missed that and these dimsums were incomplete without those sauces.  Couldn’t enjoy it as much as we always did.  When we asked for it, we were told that the restaurant opened just today after being closed for about 20 days for some maintenance.  Hope this will not be the case in the future.

Rest of the food was yummy, not a slightest complaint here.

While we were eating, as it was nearing closing time, they switched off the AC and it turned out to be suffocating.  On request, it was turned on again.  This was not in good taste.  They could have waited a little as we were almost done.  There were a few others who were still having their meal.

When we wanted to order some desserts, they had only icecream and something else which I cannot remember.  So not all the items in the menu were available because of the same reason.

Overall, these could be just some minor coordination issues which will probably be fine as they settle down into a routine.  Food was awesome and this place remains one of the very nice restaurants in Velachery.

Visited November 2013.


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