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Haven Sampoorna, Velachery

Haven Sampoorna is one of the very nice places for a vegetarian meal in Velachery and I’ve been there a few times already. On the occassion of my Daddy’s birthday, we decided to go here for lunch. Since it was meant to be vegetarian, didn’t think too much. Pind, Peaches and Haven Sampoorna were the places in my mind. Pind wasn’t easily accessible because of some road work, Peaches hasn’t been making any news lately, so decided to go to Haven Sampoorna instead ! Continue reading

Crimson Chakra

In spite of having taken a brief hiatus from food blogging, I just couldn’t hold back writing about this place. ┬áIt is probably about close to two months since I wrote a blog, though I have been eating out now and then. This particular dining experience at Crimson Chakra had to be documented, purely for the love of food. Continue reading

Multicuisine Family Restaurant, Hotel SMS Grand Inn, Sathuvachari, Vellore

First impression is very important ! In case of restaurants, it is all the more important. Continue reading

Emerald multi-cuisine restaurant, Hotel Milestonnez, Sriperumbudur

Give it a miss !
We were three friends, on our way back to Chennai, and were quite hungry as it was around 1:00PM. So we decided to stop at the next decent restaurant that comes our way. Continue reading