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A visit to Nando’s for dinner and as always, the food was good. ¬†Need some reason to dine at Nando’s other than their yummilicious peri-peri chicken and here it is ūüėÄ ¬†Recently, won some contest on facebook and received a Rs 500 gift voucher from Nando’s. ¬†So we decided to make use of it.

As always, the food was tasty and we all loved it.

Two things worth mentioning –

We ordered for the ‘Altogether Now’ from the appeteasers section. ¬†That included the first three items from the same section. ¬†Some veg dip, pita with hummus and olives. ¬†That, I felt was not so impressive. ¬†I mean the pita bread is still the same quantity and that should have been a little more, to go with the veg dip and olives. ¬†Didn’t feel the olives or veg dip added any value to the pita and hummus..for an extra 130 rupees.

A small miss this time with our order. ¬†The waiter missed the potato wedges that we ordered along with the main course. ¬†We got it after we reminded them, when we almost finished our dinner. ¬†Somehow we couldn’t get hold of the person who took our order, explained to a couple of other waiters and they were sort of clueless. ¬†Never mind, one off incident happens. ¬†Rest was all fine.

Overall, a good dining experience as always.  Will definitely recommend to others !

Visited November 2013.


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