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Hotel Mass, Adambakkam

On a rainy day evening, what better than doing a cold one followed by hot parottas ! Bliss is the word ! Continue reading

Kothu Parotta

Koththu Parotta, or simply Kothu Parotta for simplicity of spelling, is one of the dishes that I really love. To start with, this post is not a debate on whether it is healthy or not. It is neither a debate on the hygiene of the place where it is made, nor a debate on benefits of Maida versus Wheat, but simply a post telling how much I like it 🙂 Continue reading

Madurai Devar Hotel

Parotta…Barotta…Brotta…Puratta 😀 Umpteen ways to call it, and my love for them since school days hasn’t diminished one bit.  A few classmates from school decided to catch up for a ‘Beer and Barotta’ evening !  I’ll spell it with a ‘B’ today, so its B & B 🙂  Beer at Green Park and Barotta somewhere in the vicinity! Plan was all set!  Continue reading