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Foodie Experiences in Oslo, One More Time!

I have lived in Oslo for about three years from 2008-2011 and since then, I travel once or twice every year and the trip generally is for a couple of weeks. This time it was a bit longer than expected and was almost for a month. During this time, I did not attempt to cook (in spite of having a kitchenette in the place I stayed) and preferred eating out all days. Continue reading

Foodie Experiments in Oslo Again

I am not going to elaborate on each dish I ate while I was in Oslo, but pretty much quickly will summarize what I tried!  Compared to my earlier experience in Oslo during my last trip, this wasn’t as elaborate ! Continue reading

Hotel Citybox, Oslo

I stayed here for about 15 nights in Nov 2013 with a break of 2 nights in between. So had two bookings – 3 nights and 12 nights. The room was spotlessly clean. Basic stuff was provided. The bed was good and you can be assured of a good night’s sleep. The bathroom was fairly spacious compared to the room itself 😉 Ok, for the prices in Oslo, this is a real good choice. There is uninterrupted wi-fi all through which is very convenient. In fact, that is most important as there is no TV in the room. Very centrally located. Just step out and you are about 2 mins away from Jernbanetorget. That is pretty much the center of Oslo and connections are available by train/bus/tram to almost anywhere. Lot of places to eat out nearby. So overall, it is very convenient.
If  were to meet someone from the management, I would definitely ask them this – 😀

“Why would you not have a washing machine and a dryer? It would do a world of good for long-staying guests. In fact, I had to go out searching for a place to wash and dry my clothes. The Royal Rens Vika was damn expensive. So but for a few shirts that I gave them, I had to find a selv vaskerie/mynt vaskerie in Ullevalsveien. It took me quite sometime to figure all this out. Could have been much easier if you had one in the hotel.”

The ‘usual’ lunch at workplace, Oslo

This is just to document my ‘usual’ lunch during my stay in Oslo.  Normally in the canteen at our workplace, we get to eat some chicken dish once a week.  This time, I was so lucky that I did not get to see a chicken dish during my entire stay of two weeks.  So I had to be content with the salad.  As a matter of choice, I do not eat any other meat, so all I could eat was salad. 🙂

Cafe Sara, Oslo

I was here to meet a friend and an ex-colleague. Just catching up with old times. This place was nice and warm. It can get crowded a bit, but good if you manage to get a seat early. The outdoor seating is great during Summers, but in November, doesn’t help much even with the warmers 🙂 I was very impressed with their collection of beers. In fact, haven’t heard of some names at all 😛 So tried some stouts, IPAs, in addition to the stor Ringnes 0,6 🙂
Really a good place !

Marinos Pizza og Grill, Oslo

This is one of the very good places for pizza/kebab, either to eat or take-away.  The place has basic seating arrangement, not too fancy stuff.  Have tried kebabs and pizza here at least about 4-5 times during this visit to Oslo.  I have eaten here during my previous visit to Oslo last year too.  Not once I have had any complaint regarding the food.  It is just yummy and so consistent.

For a quick bite and just simple stuff kinda meal, this is a must-try.  It is open till very late in the night and is bang in the center of Oslo on Torgata.

Punjab Tandoori, Oslo

Not just for dinner, but a good place to drop in for a beer with some snacks too.  There are about few brands of Indian beer available here.  I must have visited this place at least four or five times during my stay of two weeks in Oslo.

Visited November 2013.

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Dinner at Kamal’s place, Oslo

During my recent visit to Oslo, visited my friend and colleague’s house for dinner.  Not that I haven’t been there many times, but I chose to document it this because of the passion Kamal has for cooking.  He made an awesome Thai Red Curry and it was wonderful !  I was impressed with the presentation, that I decided to click it.  Of course I have eaten at his place many more times than just this one, but this is just for the record 🙂

Palmyra Cafe, Oslo

A recent visit to Oslo, and Palmyra Café is a sure shot !  This is the only place in and around Oslo that tells the people that Indian food is not just Punjabi food.   They serve Idly, Dosa, Idiyappam, and chicken koththu parotta too. That’s my favourite here and that’s the reason I visit this place too.  The food is not bad, at the same time, do not expect it to be like the restaurants in Chennai.  You are far away from home and after a while, anything close to our food feels tasty.  The normal Indian Chai/Tea is good.  A few more days left in Oslo, and probably another visit pending too.

Visited November 2013.


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Bolgen & Moi Tjuvholmen, Oslo

We had been to this restaurant with office colleagues after completion of our project, so obviously a company-sponsored dinner. 🙂
Nice place, good ambience, expensive though.
Since I would eat only chicken (thats my preference by choice), the waiter was kind to agree to customize some dish on the menu with “only” chicken. That was good.
Had a few beers and a dessert (mango sorbet..or it was called something like that) and it was ok too.
The chef happened to be from Hungary, and was friends with a couple of our colleagues from Hungary too. So it was a surprise meeting for them ! 🙂

Overall a wonderful dining experience.

Visited March 2012