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Hotel Mass, Adambakkam

On a rainy day evening, what better than doing a cold one followed by hot parottas ! Bliss is the word ! Continue reading

Courtallam Border Parotta

Recent addition to the Velachery Food Scene is Courtallam Border Parotta, which replaced Mast Kalandar on the 100 Feet Bypass Road. I have been seeing this new banner for the last week or ten days, and came to know from friends in Food Groups that it actually opened ! Staying just two blocks away, I had to try. I’ll keep the original vs fake discussions out of this review as I do not have any verified information on this. Continue reading

Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai

Heard so many good things about ‘Border Kadai’, unfortunately never been there ! This is actually a parotta shop located on the border of Tenkasi and Courtallam, very famous for its Parotta, Country Chicken and Biryani. At least in known circles, I’ve never heard of anyone visiting Courtallam and not eating at this place, ever! Such is the reputation of this place. When you hear from foodies that the same place has opened a branch in Chennai, obviously the first reaction was WOW! Immediately decided to try this as soon as possible. Continue reading

Sithiq Malaysian Parotta

Decided to eat out with a friend, and don’t know why, but felt like having some Parotta and Chicken. Immediately our options sort of converged to Malaysian Parotta and Orion in Madipakkam. Decided to go to Malaysian Parotta on the way to Keelkattalai. Continue reading