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Hotel National

I have eaten here a couple of times and this is a very nice place for good food.  They have an AC Hall on the first floor and it is clean, and good.  Their signature dishes ‘National Special Biriyanis’ are very good.  They have all the variants in Biriyanis – chicken, mutton and so on.  Have ordered some chicken dishes and we were pretty satisfied with them too.

This time, We were a group of five friends.  A couple of them opted to have Biriyani here in this restaurant, while we decided to have Burmese food, a few blocks away from this hotel.  So after finishing our lunch, we joined them for a Falooda.  It was good and tasty.

If you are visiting Parrys, this is one of the nice authentic places to eat Biriyani !

Burmese food at Parrys Corner

This is probably the second or third time I am eating at this place.  This is one of the several shops that serve Burmese cuisine in Parrys Corner, opposite to the Beach Railway Station.  There are about five or six places here and most of them open around 5PM.  This is the only place I have seen serving lunch.  So obviously all the times, this has been our choice.

The most common items here are Atho, Fried Atho, Mohinga, Kowse, Peijo.  Atho is vegetarian, while Fried Atho has egg in it.  Atho is eaten with plantain soup.  Some outlets serve a fish soup to go with Atho.  Masala egg, called “Muttae-Masala” in Tamil is a boiled egg sliced partially with fried onions in between and little oil and to be eaten in one mouth. 🙂 There is chicken fry and chicken leg pieces that you can buy separately.  Overall, I liked the different taste of the food and few of my friends are regulars here too.  Also I should mention that few of them refused to eat here considering the hygiene of the place. 🙂

Please be informed that this is a street food stall.  There is no seating here.  This is just a road-side fast food shop.  For a while, please set your hygiene standards aside, otherwise you may not be willing to eat here.  I am used to eating in such places once in a while and have not had any issues with my stomach 🙂 If you are experimenting for the first time, take care.  Good to carry a bottle of water, do not drink water from any of these places.