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Krishna Restaurant, New Woodlands Hotel

Since we had some work in RK Salai, wifey and I decided to have breakfast at Krishna ¬†restaurant in New Woodlands Hotel. ¬†Been there very long ago for a friend’s wedding reception. Never visited this place after that. Continue reading

Novelty Tea House, Mylapore

We were heading home after picking up a guest from Chennai Central, and since it was already past 21:00 hours, we decided to have dinner on the way home. Continue reading

Nellai Xpress

Myself and a friend finished a meeting in Nungambakkam and were headed back to Velachery. On the way back, we decided to have dinner and immediately my radar scanned the places around, that were on my to-do list. Nellai Xpress in RK Salai came up first and we decided to go there ! Continue reading