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Sangeetha Veg Restaurant in OMR

Tasty chaat in Sangeetha on OMR!
Myself and a friend had some work in Thuraipakkam and on the way back decided to have some light snacks. Continue reading

North-Indian Meals Takeaway from Sangeetha

Normally I am not so choosy that I complain for the smallest of things when it comes to food, but this meal, I felt I should let you know rather than let it off.

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Chennai Citi Centre Food Court

After a log gap, visited Chennai Citi Centre today for some shopping. Ever since Phoenix Market City opened, we have never ventured to any other mall as we stay very close to it, in Velachery. Continue reading



A recent visit to Sangeetha, Velachery after many months.  We were in a bit of a hurry, didn’t want to spend too much time for lunch, so stepped into the non-AC section on the ground floor. Unfortunately it was full and we decided to go to the AC restaurant upstairs.

We ordered 1 South-Indian Meal and 2 Quick Lunches.  The food came in reasonable time and tasted very good.  Absolutely no complaints, except for the tomato soup.  It was a little sour, and has been consistently like this, and so it is not a complaint for us anymore :).  The kootu and vaththa kozhamu were very tasty.  Overall, good tasty food.  The service was good too.

Visited December 2013

Older reviews?

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