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Dakshina Puram

After successfully abstaining from eating restaurant food for two FULL weeks, today there was a genuine reason to do so – Wife and kids away for the weekend and I had no choice but to eat out  😉
At least it sounds very reasonable rite?  😛
Or lets just consider this a cheat day 😀 Continue reading


This was one of those Boy’s Day Out ! Wifey and my 4-year old daughter were away shopping, so the plan was that myself and my 9-year old son will have dinner and then if possible, they’ll catch up with us for desserts 🙂 Area was decided, place was decided – Forum Mall, Vadapalani. The choice of the restaurant was very obvious – Salt !! Continue reading

Sree Annapoorna, Coimbatore

I had to make a very quick trip to Coimbatore and I stayed in Hotel Comfort in R.S.Puram. Since this was not a relaxing trip, I did not have the luxury of trying out different places to eat. So I stuck to the closest restaurant to where I stayed, that was also undoubtedly the best in that area. It was ‘Sree Annapoorna’. Continue reading

Sar v Sri

I have heard about Sar v Sri quite a few times on the Chennai Food Guide facebook group. Have been waiting to try it and what better time than today? We just returned from vacation and- there was too little time to make lunch at home. Too tired to go out again, we decided to order food. The first name that I remembered was Sar v Sri. Continue reading