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Blacksmith Grills

A wonderful evening with great food and great company! One of my friends wanted to host a dinner party to a bunch of our friends and we were sort of going back and forth on where to go. Being a food blogger, restaurant/food reviewer or whatever they thought I was, I was asked to suggest a nice place. Nice ambience with good food was needed, and budget was not a big constraint. At the same time did not want to splurge in five-star hotels. Back of my mind, wanted to go to a place where I’ve not been before so I could write something about it  😉 Continue reading


It was Valentine’s Day and we decided to go to Phoenix Market City as we stay very close by.  The plan was to have dinner in one of the restaurants there.  Nando’s, Mainland China, Hard Rock Cafe, California Pizza Kitchen, we have been to all of these.  We have not visited Spaghetti Kitchen and Kobe yet, so that was in the back of the mind too. Continue reading