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Street Food Scene at Ellis Road

A very underrated place in food circles. Located right behind Devi Cinemas, we were surprised to see this street so crowded at 1 AM. We were told, on weekends, the place buzzes with activity until 4AM before they call it a day! We visited on a Saturday night and it definitely looked nowhere close to shutting down around 1AM. There were a few stalls close to each other continuously dishing out food, trying to strike a balance between demand vs supply, quite impressively! Continue reading

Street Food Scene, Besant Nagar Beach

Myself and a friend decided to meet up in Besant Nagar beach this evening! The plan was to chat for sometime, eat food, and leave! It did sound a bit weird, I should admit. We’re used to catching up over a few drinks or a couple of beers followed by dinner, but since we had some work later on, we couldn’t start with a drink. So we had to be contended with just food. Continue reading


I’ve lost count of how many times I have visited this place!
Spoonbill on TTK Road has been one of my favorite places when you’re not in a mood for ‘normal’ lunch. Don’t feel like having North Indian, South-Indian, and kids like to have some sausages, and something different, we head to this place. Continue reading

Ajnabi – OMR Food Street, Thuraipakkam

A recent post on a Facebook food group with a picture of Khaman Dhokla was way too tempting that I decided to go to Ajnabi on OMR to check out some of their similar stuff. This place is one of the most prominent of all outlets in the OMR Food Street. This is same branch as the one in Fountain Plaza in Egmore. I’ve been here earlier, and have checked out a few other outlets too ! This time it was purely a visit to Ajnabi. Continue reading

Food Walk at MGR Salai, Kandanchavadi

When eating out becomes a sort of an obsession, then you know its time to step on the brakes. Been thinking about exploring the food scene on MGR Salai, Kandanchavadi. With two very prominent IT office spaces here, once a silent street has now transformed into a very happening place with umpteen hole-in-the-wall places for street food. There are many small restaurants too where you can sit and have a nice meal. Today, myself and a friend decided to check out some such small places, not necessarily proper restaurants. Continue reading

Atho Corner

I have a fascination for Burmese Street Food! In fact, I have been eating this since my school days in Trichy. After moving to Chennai, once in a while, I make it a point to try it from some place or the other. Continue reading

Gaurav Vada Pav Centre

I happened to spot this shop by accident while I was passing by S.P.Infocity in Kandanchavadi and immediately stopped to have vada pav.  🙂 Continue reading

Alsa Mall Bread Omelette

This shop is more famous than the mall in front of which it is located 😉 This shop has been around for many years and I have never seen this place without a crowd in front of it.  In fact, there are 2-3 shops side by side and all of them are extremely busy in the evenings.
Prices are very nominal and you can get items from Rs 20 to Rs 100 approx.  It is light on the pocket, so it is frequented by college guys and girls in big groups.  In spite of all this crowd, the guy manages to make bread omelettes at lightning speed 🙂
There are various variants of bread omelette available.  The typical one is the standard one with the green mint chutney.  There are grilled sandwiches with chicken, cheese and other vegetarian variants too.
Parking can be a problem if you travel by car.  Bike is more convenient.  Now and then you would see swanky cars parked on the road side and the drivers getting parcels for their bosses.
Don’t expect the place to be too hygienic.  The bread omelette is served in a paper and it works !  The place is clean and you can be assured of good food.
Waiting for another chance to drive around Egmore and this is going to be a sure shot !


An ad-hoc dinner, absolutely unplanned.  We were four friends driving back home after a visit to the Trade fair at Island grounds.  On the way back, we decided to have dinner while we were driving on the T.T.K Road.  The next immediate restaurant was Spoonbill and we stopped to have dinner. Continue reading