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Spaghetti Kitchen

An absolutely wonderful experience at Spaghetti Kitchen, Phoenix Market City, Velachery. Continue reading

Cream and Fudge

Yummilicious ice cream !  A little pricey, but was tasty.  Frankly, beyond a certain level, it is difficult to compare ice creams.  Amul, London Diary, Arun, Kwality Walls, ibaco – all of them taste good  and this tasted good too ! That’s it !!


It was Valentine’s Day and we decided to go to Phoenix Market City as we stay very close by.  The plan was to have dinner in one of the restaurants there.  Nando’s, Mainland China, Hard Rock Cafe, California Pizza Kitchen, we have been to all of these.  We have not visited Spaghetti Kitchen and Kobe yet, so that was in the back of the mind too. Continue reading


Heard a few times from my wife that this is frozen yogurt and not ice cream !!!  Well, I wanted to try, but did not get an opportunity to do it earlier.  We went to this place and asked for two flavors, unfortunately they were not available – Pomegranate and Chocolate were not available.  All that they had was Mango, Green Apple and Salted Caramel. Continue reading

Cha Republic

Have been hearing about Bubble Tea for quite sometime now.  Friends in Singapore say it is very common there.  Similarly it is famous in Malaysia too.  I wanted to see what exactly was this ‘bubble’ in a tea 🙂 Continue reading

Hard Rock Cafe

It is not even a week since Hard Rock Cafe opened in Chennai, and already people are raving about it on social networking sites.  So I wanted to check out this place.  It is located in Phoenix Market City in Velachery.  The restaurant/cafe is actually on the second floor, but the Hard Rock Shop is on the first floor.  Overall, the place looked very neatly done.  We were welcomed with a very pleasant smile and the waiter politely introduced himself. Continue reading



A recent visit to Sangeetha, Velachery after many months.  We were in a bit of a hurry, didn’t want to spend too much time for lunch, so stepped into the non-AC section on the ground floor. Unfortunately it was full and we decided to go to the AC restaurant upstairs.

We ordered 1 South-Indian Meal and 2 Quick Lunches.  The food came in reasonable time and tasted very good.  Absolutely no complaints, except for the tomato soup.  It was a little sour, and has been consistently like this, and so it is not a complaint for us anymore :).  The kootu and vaththa kozhamu were very tasty.  Overall, good tasty food.  The service was good too.

Visited December 2013

Older reviews?

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Velachery Venkateswara Poli Stall

Velachery Venkateswara Poli Stall has been here for quite sometime and is a favorite to many. They are located in the Velachery Main road, diagonally opposite to the Nilgiris and the RAMS Flats. Recently, they got a makeover and also started a bakery in the same premises, merging with the adjoining shop. So facility-wise, bigger, airy, more space for customers, etc. Hopefully, they do not lose their quality in an attempt to diversify.
You can see a steady stream of customers always during the evening, pretty much starting at 3PM. They have various bajjis, bondas, samosas, etc typically all items you find in a Poli stall. If you are there at the right time, i.e when a batch of Bajjis are taken out from the oil, you will get to eat piping hot bajjis. That is done in turns, as and when the demand arises and stocks are getting exhausted. So you can expect hot Bajjis all through the evening.
The price is nominal and quality is good. I have eaten here many times, but today when I decided to write about this place, the molaga bajjis were ordinary, nothing worth bragging about :). Normally, they have always tasted good.  However, the aloo bonda was good and the small samosas, very yummy !
Overall, a must-visit on a rainy day 😉

Simran’s Appa Kadai

This review is for the Velachery restaurant.
Have been here a few times, the latest was to collect a take-away for Sunday Lunch.
Food is okay taste-wise, and no complaints.
Dont know why, but they do not have Egg Biriyani on the Menu. So if you(or whoever) do not want the chicken in the biriyani, you have to order for chicken biriyani and tell them to take out the chicken. You still have to pay for the chicken biriyani.
It is not about the few extra bucks that you have to pay, but why complicate things when it is so common to have Egg Biriyani on the menu in almost all Chettinad restaurants?
During the fifteen minutes of waiting, there were quite a few houseflies around that reminded me of naan-ee movie 😉 The waiters were struggling to kill them with a mosquito bat. 🙂
On the positive side, I have seen this restaurant open at least till 11:30 at night, so if you are late for dinner, this is definitely an option.
Overall, a decent place in Velachery.

Visited December 2012